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American livelihoods and retirements are at stake

The Peruvian government defaulted on billions of dollars' worth of sovereign land bonds and now refuses to repay the Americans who are owed – despite having one of the strongest economies in Latin America.

How does this impact the U.S.?

The pension funds of hardworking Americans — including firefighters, police officers, healthcare, food and commercial workers, and more — invested in good faith in these bonds. And now they could lose millions in retirement savings.

U.S. universities, endowments and foundations will also be harmed if Peru doesn't pay its debts.

The Trump administration must pressure the Peruvian government to pay the land bonds in full — with no exceptions.

Ed Rollins, Republican strategist, The Hill, May 13, 2018

Enough is enough. It's time to hold Peru accountable and demand they pay their debt.

Help protect millions of U.S. workers by signing the petition below to make your voice heard in Congress and the White House. Let's stand up for the American people.

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Thank you for signing the petition to protect American pensions and holding Peru accountable for paying their debt.

If Peru is not held to account, numerous Ohioans and their communities could suffer economic hardship. I urge you take action on behalf of them.

Marvin Cochran Jr., United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers & Allied Workers Local 86

…America can no longer allow countries that take advantage of our large domestic market to get away with defaulting on their debts, particularly when it hurts our workers and retirees.

James Hoffa, President, International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Government-backed bonds are considered the most secure investment and are, therefore, a favorite of pension funds… We put our hard-earned retirements in these bonds, not only based on the rationale that responsible countries pay their debts, but also because of the additional protections provided to investors in the U.S.-Peru Free Trade Agreement.

Nick "Sonny" Nardi, President of Teamsters Local 416
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